GrowthTip was conceived because we are passionate about people and South Africa. We truly believe that entrepreneurship is the future of our economic success.

It is our strategic intent to provide a practical approach to facilitating WOMAN and YOUTH entrepreneurship development in South Africa by presenting a service that will help overcome the barriers hampering entrepreneurial development namely:

  • Access to funding
  • Entrepreneurship culture
  • Compliance procedures
  • Education and Training
  • Co-ordinated support

We will achieve this by developing, supporting and promoting youth and woman entrepreneurs in all societies, with different levels of education, skills and expertise to ensure their growth and sustainability in co-ordination and partnership with key role players.

Our goal is to help youth and woman entrepreneurs grow and increase their contribution to sustainable and equitable social and economic development, employment and wealth creation in South Africa.

Our strategic differentiators are:

  • GrowthTip provides an INCUBATOR for Entrepreneurial success.
  • GrowthTip is a one stop shop for Entrepreneurs.
  • GrowthTip is created by Entrepreneurs for Entrepreneurs.
  • GrowthTip realizes that the barriers and needs for entrepreneurship in South Africa are unique for the different levels of skill, societies and sectors       in the country.
  • GrowthTip partners with Entrepreneurs to provide solutions to Entrepreneurs.
  • GrowthTip promotes that entrepreneurship provides a platform to create employment in South Africa.


Target Market

We are passionate about developing both youth and women entrepreneurs in South Africa.


Our experienced management works hard to accommodate all your needs and to exceed all your expectations.


Our friendly and experienced staff is always eager to helping you.