Liezel van Rooyen

“At GrowthTip we realise that South Africa presents strong opportunities for success for imminent and existing entrepreneurs. We also believe that Entrepreneurship will contribute significantly towards employment creation in South Africa and that this will have a positive impact on our economy. Entrepreneurs however requires a helping hand to succeed. Elements such as access to funding, training, business coaching and consulting, etc. to support Entrepreneurs needs strengthening to truly build a thriving entrepreneurial society. Further to our consulting pillar and the skills and expertise we have available at GrowthTip, it is also a strategic intent of ours to provide a practical approach to facilitating entrepreneurship development in South Africa with the purpose of employment creation that will lead towards economic growth.” 

Charmaine Kemp

“We firmly believe that a company’s approach to talent is a core component of its overall success. Yet too often, we find a disconnect between how organisations define their strategy and how they shape and invest in their workforce. This can be a costly mistake during the best times, let alone in today’s strained economic environment. Instead, senior leadership teams and human resource executives should develop focused people strategies that align with and support the foundation of the organisation’s success: its capabilities system, the few things the company does exceptionally well that distinguish it from competitors. Growthtip follows a capability driven approach that can measurably improve organisations chances of success.” 


Planning services

How will this help

Workforce Alignment

Allocate workforce to meet current and future demand, considering operational circumstances and economies of scale

Organization Design

Gear strategic HR capabilities to modernize talent management and maximize potential.

Capacity Alignment

Predict the impact of demand changes on staffing and organizational requirements.

Activity Based Workforce modeling

Create and implement custom built tools based on work effort.


Develop cost effective shift and stuff schedules to satisfy demand.

Feasibility Studies

Assess the full impact of operational changes to make better investment decisions.

Talent Management

Plan and align people and activities to achieve business goals


Training and development

Assess the current state of learning and organizational culture to drive operational excellence

Leadership Alignment

Build leadership capability to ensure sustainable and measurable success.


Macro Design:

Align structure to strategy – Level: Board, Executives, Directors, and Leadership Teams

Industry Analysis:

Benchmark leading practive and customise to client needs – Level: middle management, specialists, professionally qualified

Workload Calculation:

Calculate required number of employees based on demand, activities and work studies – Level: skilled technical and academically qualified workers