We deliver a broad range of services that guarantee measurable results and a positive impact on your business!

Our service offering strives to provide an incubator and a one stop service for Youth and Woman Entrepreneurs which develops, grow and support the entrepreneurs.

Our service offering includes the following main elements:

Entrepreneur training and development

We will provide practical and theoretical learning programmes that:

  • Support entrepreneurial success
  • Provide entrepreneurial training courses that empower entrepreneurs with the necessary skills to enable them to take their businesses to greater heights.
  • Equip entrepreneurs with skills to:
  • Manage and lead themselves;
  • Develop their business plans;
  • Market their business effectively;
  • Understand the importance of building a reputable business profile, as a marketing tool;
  • Maintain financial records;
  • Conduct effective and efficient financial management;
  • Provide customer care;
  • Write reports and other business documents;
  • Identify areas of improvement for their businesses;
  • Identify stakeholders i.e. financiers, suppliers and how to implement working partnerships;
  • Negotiation effectively;


Critical success factors for training and development programmes:

  • All training and development initiatives will be customised to meet the education, skill and experience levels of the entrepreneur as well as the  sector/ industry requirement in which the entrepreneur operates.
  • Our trainers will have business experience and expertise in the subject matters they train.
  • Our trainers will be entrepreneurs and small business owners themselves.
  • Our trainers will be suitably qualified for the experience, education and skill level or the entrepreneur they train.
  • Training will be pitched at the experience, education and skill level of the entrepreneur.

Entrepreneur coaching and mentoring programme

Our coaching and mentoring programmes will provide ongoing support to the entrepreneur to ensure business continuity and growth.

Co-ordination of products and services with other key role players

GrowthTip will provide the platform for the entrepreneur to partner with key role players to help them make their dream a reality. Key role players will include the lending companies, suppliers, technology providers, etc.

Outsourcing and in-sourcing of all strategic functions

The entrepreneur must focus on growing their business and should not be concerned with managing strategic functions of their business like human resource management, financial management, legal and labour concerns, administration, etc. GrowthTip will introduce the entrepreneur to other SME’s who provides these services.